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Stainless Steel Removable Locking Screw Lead Free Backflow Preventers Lead Free Frost-Proof Yard Hydrant

This Lock Screw replaces the factory furnished, one time use, and break-away locking screw on brass backflow preventers.

Lead Free Backflow Preventer Preventers. UPC code approved. Built to ASSE 1011 standards. Lead Free Frost-Proof Winter Style Self-Draining Backflow Preventer
Lead Free Self-Draining Vacuum Breaker Dual Check Valve w/Intermediate Atmospheric Vent Backflow Preventer Lead-Free ASSE 1024 Dual-Check Vacuum Breakers
This lead-free backflow preventer drains automatically, even when connected. This Solid Brass Dual-Check Backflow Preventer meets UPC & ASSE 1052 standards. Lead-Free Brass Dual Check Valve w/Intermediate Atmospheric Vent