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Saf-T-Lok (Male POL Lock) P.O.L. x 1/4" Copper Inverted Flare Pigtail P.O.L. Pigtail  Propane Hose
Securely locks POL service valves to help prevent unauthorized hookups, reduce pilferage and increase security. Male POL x 1/4" Inverted Flare 7/8" Hex Nut Long Nipple Excess Flow Check Brass Pipe U.L. & C.G.A. Listed

P.O.L. Pigtail Propane Hose

ACME Pigtail Propane Hose OPD Tank Valve DOT Cylinder Lables
LPG hoses for use on 2 bottle systems with 2 stage automatic changeover regulators or regulators with "T" checks.

OPD Cylinder Valves are designed for use on steel DOT LP Gas cylinders.

Required By The Department of Transportation for all flammable contents.
Liquid Leak Detector - LD-8 Teflon Tape 1/2'' x 260', 10 Roll Pack 26-Inch Leverage Rod
26-Inch Leverage Rod
List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $16.95
Savings: $3.05
Leak Detector is a great way to check propane tanks for leaks after installing new valves and recertifying tanks. White teflon tape for plumbing, gas, and air line use. Packed 10 Rolls per Package. 26-Inch Leverage Rod is just the right length for easy installation and removal of both regular and OPD propane valves
One-Eyed Huskie Propane Valve Wrench Universal Propane Wrench 100-lb. Propane Tank Valve
Universal Propane Wrench
Our Price: $29.95
This is the easiest, best fitting valve wrench on the market!
RED = Wrench for OPD Valves
BLACK = Wrench For Older And Standard Valves
Universal Propane Valve Wrench. One Size Fits All. This 100 lb. Cylinder Valve is a 10% valve, indicating a full tank through its bleeder valve when the tank is filled with 100 lbs. propane gas, allowing ample room for liquid expansion in warm weather. This valve has an 11 inch dip tube.
Dual Tank Propane Regulator 100-lb. Propane Tank Multi-Valve 2 in 1 Warning Label
2 in 1 Warning Label
Our Price: $135.95
Automatics Change over regulator for RV Use.
This 100 lb. cylindar valve is a multi-valve which allows your tank to be filled directly through the top double check valve. It is also a 10% valve indicating a full tank through the bleeder.
Required By The Department of Transportation for all portable flammable contents.
Yellow Warning Label for L.P. Tanks Propane Cylinder Vise
Propane Cylinder Tank Vise
Our Price: $524.00
Sale Price: $475.00
Savings: $49.00
100 Yellow Warning Labels For L.P. Propane Tanks. Shows Type I, Type II, and POL Valves. Propane Tank Vise