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CV12   1/2" IPS Brass Check Valve
YV-ZINC-10   10 Of Siamese Wye Hose Connector w/ Shutoff -10
SP53R   100 ct. Warning Label - L.P. Tanks
V-100M   100-lb. Propane Tank Multi-Valve
V-100   100-lb. Propane Tank Valve
2N1   2 in 1 Warning Label
LR-1   26-Inch Leverage Rod
AP4   4" Chrome Basin Faucet Adapter Plate # AP4
21849   90 Degree Urinal Valve w/ Vacuum Breaker
ACME   ACME Pigtail Propane Hose
SLSHVC-ADJ   Adjustable Self-Closing Concealed Shower Valve #SLSHVC-ADJ
RB   Big Red Rubber Bands
MA12KIT   Brass 1/2" IPS x 5/8" OD Complete Male Adapter Kit
SOLP2B   Brass Body Pilot Solenoid Valve for Shower Timer
SOL2B   Brass Body Solenoid Valve for Shower Timer
, BFP6D">Brass Dual Check Valve w/Intermediate Atmospheric Vent NOT LEAD FREE
ST1   Brass Tokens for Coin-Op Timers
COIN-984   Coin-Op Shower Timer, .984" Token
COIN-CAL   Coin-Op Shower Timer, Canadian $1.00
COIN-TIMER   Coin-Op Shower Timer, US Quarter
WMF12   Compression Wall Mount Faucet * Not For Potable Water # WMF12
SLSHVC-355   Concealed Self-Closing Shower Valve w/ Adjustable Open Time #SLSHVC-355
2192   Cross Handle Shower/Urinal Valve
Custom_Shipping_Rate   Custom Shipping Rate
D-30-UHF   D-30-UHF
DMC-TKN-115VAC   Digital Coin Timer For 984" Tokens
DMCUSQ   Digital Coin Timer For US Quarters
DD10-BAGS   Doggie Deposit Bags - 10 Rolls ROLL BAGS
DD-HBAGS   Doggie Deposit Hanging Bags
AA   DOT Cylinder Lables
LPR-1   Dual Tank Propane Regulator
SLSHVE-ADJ   External Adjustable Self-Closing Push Button Shower Valve #SLSHVE-ADJ
RC1525E   External Replacement Cartridge for Slow Closing Shower Valve
SLSHVE-355-KIT   External Shower with Hot and Cold Controls and Adjustable open time #SLSHVE-355-KIT
SANI1000F   Foaming Hand Sanitizer Refill
DISP1000F   Foaming Hand Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser, 1000 ml
115-24VAC40VA   Hard Wired Transformer - 115vac to 24 vac
BFP20NL   Lead Free Backflow Preventer
BVHB34-NL   Lead Free Ball Valve Hose Bibb 3/4 Inch # BVHB34-NL
HB12NL   Lead Free Brass Hose Bibb 1/2 Inch - HB12NL
HB34NL   Lead Free Brass Hose Bibb 3/4 Inch - HB34NL
2190   Lead Free Drinking Fountain
BFP6DNL   Lead Free Dual Check Valve w/Intermediate Atmospheric Vent # BFP6DNL
BFPSDNL   Lead Free Self-Draining Backflow Preventer # BFPSDNL
BFPYH10NL   Lead Free, Frost-Proof, Self-Draining Backflow Preventer #BFPYH10NL
BVHB12-NL   Lead-Free Ball Valve Hose Bibb 1/2-Inch BVHB12-NL
SOAP800L   Liquid Enriched Pink Hand Soap Refill, 800mL
DISP800L   Liquid Hand Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser, 800 ml
LD-8   Liquid Leak Detector - LD-8
SOL2N   Nylon Solenoid Valve
HUSKIE   One-Eyed Huskie Propane Valve Wrench - CHOOSE ONE
OPD   OPD Tank Valve
POL-C   P.O.L. Copper Pigtail Hose
POL   P.O.L. Pigtail Propane Hose
SOLP2N   Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve, Nylon Body
115-12VDC1000NEW   Plug-In Transformer - 115v to 12vdc
115-24VAC1000   Plug-In Transformer - 115vac to 24vac
PMV9020   Pre-Mix Valve #PMV9020
ASMCV   Propane Cylinder Tank Vise
PBSC180V   Push Button Self-Closing 180 Degree Angle Valve #PBSC180V
PBSC90V   Push Button Self-Closing 90 Degree Angle Valve #PBSC90V
SCLFP21803   Push Button Self-Closing Lavatory Faucet * Not For Potable Water #SCLFP21803
QL   Quick-Lock Hose Bibb Locking Device
HW   Red Rubber Hose Washers
RC21333   Replacement Cartridge for 90 &180 Degree Valve # RC21333
RC355ADJ   Replacement Cartridge For Adjustable Closing, Self-Closing Shower Valves #RC355ADJ
RC355E   Replacement Cartridge for Adjustable External Shower Valve #RC355E
RC355C   Replacement Cartridge For Concealed Self-Closing Shower Valve #RC355C
RC21803   Replacement Cartridge for SCLFP21803 # RC21803
Return-Label   Return Label
510   Saf-T-Lok
SCSV1   Self-Closing Shower Urinal Valve #SCSV1
SCWF21937   Self-Closing Wall Faucet, Lever Handle * Not For Potable Water # SCWF21937
SCWF21936   Self-Closing Wall Faucets, Cross Handle * Not For Potable Water # SCWF21936
SLSHVE-355   Slow-Closing Self-Closing Ext Shower Valve W/ Adj Open Time #SLSHVE-355
PMVSPCO12NL   Sparco Anti-Scald Mixing Valve, 1/2-Inch Non Lead # PMVSPCO12NL
PMVSPCO34LF   Sparco Anti-Scald Mixing Valve, 3/4-Inch Non Lead # PMVSPCO34NL
SS   Stainless Steel Locking Screw
TF10   Teflon Tape 1/2'' x 260', 10 Roll Pack
D-600-UHF   Tekk D 600 UHF
D-200-UHF   Tekk D-200 UHF
D-500   Tekk D-500
X-700   Tekk X-700
20-8A   Universal Propane Wrench
311   Utility Shower Faucet
D001-DWRBAGS   WASTE BAGS FOR D003 ROLL BAG DISPENSER! (10 rolls of 200 ea)
B4109A   Water Saving Low Flow Shower Head With Shut Off # B4109A
B4104A   Water Saving Powerful Shower Head # B4104A
Wire-Tranfer-Fee   Wire Tranfer Fee
DMC2000R   Wyvern Digital Coin Timer, Multi-Coin
YV-ZINC-1   Zinc Siamese Wye Hose Connector w/ Shutoff-1

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