Concealed Push Button Shower Panels

Time adjustable metered shower panel
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Concealed Push Button Shower Panels

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Push Button Shower Panels

These ADA approved metering shower panels are the best on the market. These well built panels are made of solid brass. They have a shiny, sleek stainless steel finish. These commercial shower panels were designed to withstand repetitive rough use in commercial settings. Many of our self closing shower panels are used at campgrounds, RV parks, recreational facilities, outdoor showering or beach facilities, and behavioral health centers. You wont regret buying these panels. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Charles McNiel
Push Button Shower Panel (Adjustable Time&Temp)

We used this for a basement shower and it worked fine

Dennis Foster
Push Button Shower Panel (Adjustable Time&Temp)

For me, this device is a lifesaver! My younger brother lives with me because he had a brain injury as a child. He’s the type that leaves doors, drawers, etc... open and frequently forgets to turn the water off when brushing his teeth and such. I put this in his bathroom shower and it is exactly what I needed. There is a set run time and then it turns off after that... every single time.

Howard C. Ibrahim
Push Button Shower Panel (Adjustable Time&Temp)

Replaced a more expensive Chicago commercial valve that kept leaking. Much better construction.

Scott Hatfield
Push Button Shower Panel (Adjustable Time&Temp)

We are a fan of these. However, we wish that the time could be adjusted for 2 minutes or so. Please take this feature into consideration

Doug Watts
Push Button Shower Panel (Adjustable Time&Temp)

Should have gotten these sooner to stop vandalism/boy leaving water on in detention center. These metering shower valves and faucet are perfect for our setting.

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