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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We offer bulk pricing on many of our products. The quantity required for bulk discounts varies depending on the product. Here are our most common bulk pricing parameters: Shower Valves: 20 or more, Hose Bibbs: 100 or more, Vacuum Breakers: 100 or more, Coin Timers: 50 or more.

What do I need other than a coin timer to make it useable?

You need a solenoid valve. Make sure the solenoid valve voltage is compatible with the voltage of the coin timer you purchase.

What's the lead time for the coin timers?

The lead time for the coin operated timers varies. The non-digital black box coin timers are made in Illinois and are usually shipped within 2-5 business days. All of our digital coin timers are manufacturered in the UK. These digital timers are usually shipped within 9 business days. The larger the quantity of the order, the longer the lead time (since many of the products are made to order).

Do you manufacture all of your products?

We do not manufacture our products. We are a wholesaler for a number of different manufacturers. We have a small team that tries to operate as efficiently as possible in order to provide our customers with the lowest possible pricing.

Where are your products made?

We have a wide range of products most of which come from different places. We try to buy from US manufacturers whenever feasible.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Absolultey! We are in the office Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5PM so we can only expedite shipping within those hours though. Many of our customer's need shower valves or faucet at the last minute for a project and we ship the valves and faucets next day air. Shipping charges unfortuantely do apply when we use expedited shipping methods though.

Do you ship to Canada or have any Canadian dealers?

We unfortunately don't have any Canadian dealers, but we do ship to Canada quite often.

Do you have any metered shower valves that can last longer than 1 minute?

At this time we do not have any shower valves that go for longer than 60 seconds per push. We are looking into a new product from Stern that is an electronic metered shower valve that can go for 2 minutes per touch though.

Do you have a retail store?

We do not have a retail store, however some customers do pick their order up from our facility because they live close by.

Do you keep large volumes in stock?

It depends on the product. Coin timers are usually not kept in stock in large quantities. Most of our shower valves, faucets, and vacuum breakers are stocked pretty high. That being said, we have found that the word "large" means different things to different customers. Large can means thousands to some customers, and a dozen to others.