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100 lb. Propane Tank Multi-Valve


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Propane Tank Multi-Valve | 100 lb

This 100 lb. Cylinder Multi-Valve is a 10% valve, indicating a full tank through its bleeder valve when the tank is filled with 100 lbs. propane gas, allowing ample room for liquid expansion in warm weather. 

General Information

  • Valve Type: Service Valve
  • Construction Material: Solid Brass
  • Cylinder Capacity: 100-200#
  • **Any work performed on propane tanks must be performed by qualified personnel trained to re-certify propane tanks. Check with your propane supplier for proper training or go to the National Propane Gas Association.

Propane Tank Multi-Valve Dimensions and Connections

  • Tank Connection: 3/4" MNPT
  • Service Connection: F POL (CGA510)
  • Filling Connection: 1 3/4" M/ACME Fill
  • Dip Tube Length: 11.6"

Propane Tank Multi-Valve Features

  • Increased high filling capacity
  • Double O-ring Stem Seal Assures a Leak-Proof Valve When Open
  • Seat Disc is Static, Non-Rotating Type
  • Multi-Fill Design, allows tank to be filled while still connected
  • Back Check Filler Valve, Reduced Filler Valve Chamber, and Service Valve
  • Vapor Relief Valve

Propane Tank Multi-Valve Features

  • UL Registered
  • DOT 200# Approved


Ask a Question
  • How do I change my propane tank valve?

    Once the propane tank has been fully emptied and depressurized, a blow torch or heat gun can be used along the base of the propane valve and the propane tank to release the previous propane valve's connection. 
    **Any work performed on propane tanks must be performed by qualified personnel trained to re-certify propane tanks. Check with your propane supplier for proper training or go to the National Propane Gas Association.

  • How do I determine if my valve is leaking?

    If your propane valve is leaking, it is highly recommended that your propane valve be replaced. To determine if your propane valve is leaking, spray some soapy water on the propane valve, the connection points, and the pipes. If bubbles appear there is a leak and the valve must be replaced.

  • Why is my propane tank hissing?

    If your propane tank is hissing, this is a likely indication that the valve is leaking.

  • What is the blue marks on the propane valve threads?

    The blue markings on the threads of this propane multi-valve is loktite. Loktite is used to complete the seal and ensure no leaks upon installation.

  • Will this propane tank multi-valve show me how much propane is left in my tank?

    No. This valve opens the propane valve allowing for gas to enter the path or closes the valve to halt the path of gas in the system. This valve also allows the propane remain attached to the appliances at the same time the propane tank is being filled.

  • What happens if this propane tank multi-valve is left open?

    Nothing will happen, unless one or more burner controls are left on or slightly open, which will result in propane leaking through the burners.

  • How do I open this propane tank multi-valve?

    It is recommended to always open the propane valve fully. Propane is not like a water spigot, there is no halfway. Opening a propane valve slightly or less than fully, this may result in leakage in the long run.

    1. Turn the propane valve handle in the direction of the open arrow, this is normally clockwise.
    2. Twist the handle until it completely stops turning.

  • Is this propane tank multi-valve equipped with a overfill protection device?

    No, unfortunately this propane tank multi-valve is not equipped with an OPD device. An OPD device is only required on 4 to 40 lb tanks.