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OPD Tank Valve - 20 LB


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OPD Tank Valve

This overfill protection device is required on all 4 to 40 pound DOT cylinders in vapor service. This valve will prevent your propane bottle from being overfilled. The flow of gas stops immediately when the overfill protection mechanism closes. These overfill valves are specifically for 20 pound propane tanks. 

20-lb OPD Valve General Information

  • OPD Cylinder Valves are designed for use on steel DOT LP Gas cylinders
  • Nylon tapered seat disc on shut-off provides positive closing
  • 1 1/4" wrenching boss located at rear of valve minimizes possible damage to valve outlet during installation
  • Relief valve is recessed in body forging to resist damage and tampering
  • Low profile fits within cylinders' protective collars
  • Self tapping screw secures hand-wheel to stem
  • Slotted vent reduces possibility of tampering 
  • The outlet features a back check assembly - designed to prevent gas flow until a leak-free connection is made

20-lb OPD Valve Standards

  • ANSI Z21.58
  • CAN/CGA-1.6
  • 1998 edition of NFPA 58

20-lb OPD Valve Dimensions

  • OPD-20QC Dip Tube Length is 4.0 Inches


Ask a Question
  • Can this OPD propane valve be used on a 100 lb. tank?

    No, this opd valve will only work on a 20 lb propane cylinder.

  • Can this OPD valve be used on a horizontal propane cylinder?

    No, this opd valve is manufactured for vertical tanks only.

  • Can I re-fill my propane tank as soon as the valve is replaced?

    No, if your propane cylinder valve has been replaced it will need to be recertified by an accredited LP distribution company. 

  • Do I need to swap out my existing propane valve for an OPD Valve?

    Per the National Fire Protection Associations publication of 1998 "NFPA 58, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code" any propane cylinder with a 4 to 40 pound capacity be equipped with an OPD valve, if the cylinder was manufactured after 09/30/98, it was requalified after 09/30/98, or it was refilled on or after 04/01/02. 

    Please note, this requirement does not apply to cylinders used in industrial trucks, including fork lifts, or to cylinders identified and used for industrial welding and cutting gases.

  • What is an OPD valve?

    An OPD vavle is an overfill prevention device and is easy recognized by its trial shaped handwheel.

  • Do I need a tool to change out my propane valve?

    Yes, we reccommend using a propane valve wrench and a leverage rod. You can find the propane valve wrench here and the leverage rod here.

  • Is this the correct opd valve for a #15 tank ? The 15 & 20 appear to be the same height but the 20 has a larger diameter. Thanks

    This opd valve will not work on a 15# tank. The dip tube and floater will not work accordingly with the smaller diameter of a 15# tank.