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Hose Bibbs

These high quality outdoor faucets were designed to be installed on the exterior of a building. They allow users to have access to water in the outdoor area of a building. These hoses can be attached to the spout of the hose bibb or the sillcock for watering grounds or washing surfaces. We offer quarter turn and multi turn spigots with 3/4" and 1/2" inlets and 3/4" outlets. We have perfected the design and quality of these for over 20 years.  All of our hose bibbs are made of durable lead free brass and come with a 1 year warranty.

Hose Bibb FAQ

Below you will find some of our most commonly asked questions pertaining to our outdoor spigots

What are Hose Bibbs?

Hose Bibbs are outdoor faucets. They usually connect to garden hoses which is why they are sometimes referred to as garden hose spigots.

Why buy Hose Bibbs from King Supply?

We have been selling these water spigots for over 20 years so we know how to work with manufacturers to get the quality just right while keeping the cost as low as possible. We ship same business day and offer wholesale pricing on bulk orders.

Will a regular garden hose fit on this Hose Bibb?

Yes. These hose spigots are all equipped with a garden hose thread (GHT) outlet. 

What size Hose Bibb should I buy?

All of our hose spiots have a 3/4" outlet. The outlet is the part that connects to your hose. This outlet would connect to a 3/4" garden hose (the internal diameter of the hose is 3/4"). We carry hose bibbs with 1/2" and 3/4" inlet's The inlet connects to the home or building's water pipes. You would choose a 1/2" inlet if your water pipe's were also 1/2". If you can't find  the size you need you can use an adapter to connect your hose bibb to your pipes or hose.