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    A water solenoid valve is an electronically controlled valve. King Supply offers brass and nylon solenoid valves. We carry direct and pilot operated solenoid valves. All of these valves are hard wired. Most of our customers use these valves with our coin timers, matching the voltage of their coin timer to the proper voltage on their water solenoid valve.

    Solenoid Valve FAQs

    What are solenoid Valves?

    A normally closed water solenoid valve is an electronically controlled valve that features a solenoid consisting of an electric coil with a plunger in its center. Normally Closed Solenoid Valves are typically used to automatically control the flow of fluid substances, such as water. 

    How do Solenoid Valves Operate?

    While in the resting position, the solenoid valve is closed with the plunger blocking the output. When activated an electrical current will pass through the coil creating a magnetic field that causes an upwards force, forcing the plunger to move and allow water to be released. 

    Can Solenoid Valves be used with potable water?

    Yes, all of our solenoid valves are lead free and can be used with potable water sources.