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Push Button Faucet | ASME & CSA Approved


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Metered Push Button Faucet

This metered push button faucet is constructed from solid brass. It has a chrome gloss finish, making for a sleek modern appearance. This metering faucet was designed and manufactured for repetitive, commercial use. It is both durable and vandal-resistant. It comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty. You can feel confident installing this valve in your home or business.

General Information

  • Faucet Operation: Metering Push Button
  • Installation Type: Single Deck Mount
  • Construction Material: Solid Brass
  • Finish: High Gloss Chrome Plated Finish
  • Faucet Hole: 1
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Faucet Activation: Manual Push Button
  • ADA Compliance: Yes
  • Made for commercial use

Metered Faucet Dimensions and Connections

  • Water Inlet Connection: 1/2"
  • Connection Type: NPT
  • Faucet Length: 6" (152 mm)
  • Overall Faucet Height: 5.12" (130 mm)
  • Spout Height: 2.32" (59 mm)
  • Spout Reach: 4.75" (121 mm)

Metered Faucet Features

  • Water Flow Rate: 0.79 GPM at 43.51 PSI
  • Open Time: 15 Seconds per Push  (±5 Sec.)
  • Adjustable Temperature by End User: No
  • Adjustable water flow

Metered Faucet Standards

  • CSA B125.1
  • ASME A112.18.1
  • Brass Body in accordance with EN 1982, EN 12164, EN 12165
  • Molded Chrome-Plated Body in accordance with EN 12540
  • 200-Hour Neutral Salt Spray Resistant (NSS) in accordance with ISO 9227
  • 10 Year Warranty

Metered Faucet Includes

  • 1 Nut for 12 x 14 (mm) tube
  • 1 Fibre Gasket
  • 1 Stainless Steel Plain Washer
  • 1 Brass Camping Nut
  • 1 Nitrile Plain Washer
  • A 4-Position Flow Adjustment Device

Metered Faucet Applications

  • Private and Public RV Parks and Campgrounds
  • Gyms and Aquatic Centers
  • Recreation Centers

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Ask a Question
  • How is the water flow on this push button faucet adjusted?

    The water flow on this push button faucet is controlled by a 4-position flow adjustment device. Please see the following link for an illustration on how to adjust the water flow. 

  • Can you adjust the temperature on this metering faucet?

    No, the temperature is not adjustable on this metering faucet.

  • Is this metering faucet ADA compliant?

    Yes, this metering faucet has a standard open time of roughly 15 Seconds, +- 5 seconds. The ADA requires a faucet to run for a minimum of 10 seconds per push.

  • Is this metered faucet made in America?

    No. This metering faucet is made in Europe by Presto.

  • Are these valves temperature adjustable like some of your other metered commercial shower valves?

    This metered faucet is not temperature adjustable unfortunately. We do carry some faucets that are temperature adjustable though.

  • Is this made in America?

    No. These metering faucets are made in Europe by Presto.