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Shower Timer, US $1, 120 Volt


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Shower Timer | US $1 - 120 Volt

General Information

  • Timer Type: US $1 Bill Timer
  • Types Of Bills Accepted: $1 ONLY
  • Construction Material: 16 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel
  • Finish: Scratch Resistant Powder Coated Paint
  • Height: 11.75"
  • Overall Width: 7.50"
  • Overall Depth: 4.50"
  • Mounting: 0.25" Diameter Hole for up to #10 Screws
  • Timer Temperature: -40 degrees (F) to 149 degrees (F)
  • Bill Acceptor Temperature: 37 degrees (F) to 122 degrees (F)
  • Humidity: 95% Relative non-condensing
  • No. of Coins to Vend: 1 to 7 (Adjustable via DIP Switches)
  • Min./Max. Time: 5 Seconds/ 1 Hour 14 Minutes 5 Seconds
  • Bills Inserted During Vend Add Additional Time

Electrical Information

  • UL Recognized: UL File # E224248
  • Input Voltage: Available in 120 VAC
  • Power Consumption: 3.7 Watts Max.
  • Switch Input: 25 Millisecond Min. ON, 30 Millisecond Min. OFF
  • Switch Output Voltage: Same as the input Voltage
  • Requires a Ground Fault Circuit Breaker (GFCI)
  • CAUTION: Timer is NOT Waterproof. Do NOT Expose Timer to Direct Water Contact
  • Timer must be wired by a licensed electrician.


  • Bill Acceptor with High Acceptance Rate of 99.8%
  • No Cash Box Necessary. Bills Stack in the Bottom of the Timer Box. (Holds Approximately 100 Bills)
  • Solid State Timer
  • Round Barrel Key Lock for Extra Security
  • Corrosion Resistant Body
  • Easy to set DIP Switch control


  • Outdoor Showers
  • Control Floodlights
  • Air Conditioners
  • Air Compressors



Ask a Question
  • Can I bypass this coin timer during the off months to allow for free showers without removing the coin timer completely?

    Yes, you can. To do so you will need to open your coin timer and look at the dipswitch panel. On the top right of the panel there is a red wire plugged into the bottom terminal, simply remove this red wire and plug it into the top terminal and this will allow you to keep your coin timers in tact while allowing customers to enjoy showers at no cost. You can find a complete diagram here.

    *** Please note, this terminal is always "HOT", so make sure the power to the timer is terminated while moving this wire, OR wear rubber insulated gloves.