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Doggie Deposit Hanging Bags - (D021)
Doggie Deposit Hanging Bags
Sold in quantities of 800 or 3,200.
Our Price: $149.95

Product Code: DD-HBAGS

Description Technical Specs
Degradable Doggie Deposit Bags hanging from a mounting card. Engineered to fit existing hanging bag dispensers. Our hanging bags will fit most competitors dispensers. Why Bag Dog Poop? Life or Death? - According to the World Health Organization, approximately 55,000 people die each year due to animal related viruses, with most deaths attributable to dogs. In addition, millions of people get sick each year from other pet-spread illnesses such as hookworm, roundworm, and salmonella. Cleaning up fecal matter from pets is an easy and inexpensive way for a property owner or manager to help prevent disease and improve the looks and usability of their grounds at the same time. Having Doggie Deposit Bags in key areas of a property encourages dog walkers to pick up after their pets, making the property safer and more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Environtent- Pet waste isn't just a nuisance, it's also a major contributor to pollution in the watershed and groundwater. One study found that nearly 20% of the bacterial pollution in a watershed area is related to dog feces.
  • Groundskeeping- Why spend money on landscaping if it's covered in poop? No one wants to play or walk through an area that is littered with dog poop. Residents, children, walkers, and service personnel all can benefit from the use of a waste bagging program. GO GREEN with Doggie Deposit!
  • Doggie Deposit bags are produced from a special low density polyethene plastic. The special formula includes an additive, D2W, that makes the plastic oxo-biodegradable. This means that Doggie Deposit Bags don't sit in the landfill for hundreds, or even thousands of years like other plastic bags. They degrade in only a year or two, leaving only water, CO2, and biomass.