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Exposed Push Button Shower Valve (Adjustable Time&Temp)


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Heide Messing

The insert that came with the valves says the time is not adjustable, BUT it is! You could improve the insert/instructions by including the following information: Adjust the time the valve is open using the enclosed allen wrench, inserted into the small hole in the front of the valve button. (The little allen wrench supplied for adjusting the time is 1.25 mm, or .050", or 1/20". This size is not found in any standard Allen wrench sets, Metric or SAE, so don't throw it away or lose it!). The allen head time adjusting screw it fits into, inside, turns with the access hole, when you turn the temp adjustment. Turning the allen wrench Left is Longer valve open time, Right is shorter valve open time. One full turn is about 5 seconds of time adjustment.

There was no insert/instructions with the replacement cartridges. It would help if you gave basic instructions on how to replace the cartridge: Turn off the water and relieve the pressure in the system, loosen the top & bottom allen head retaining screws at the back of the valve body to allow the cartridge to slide out, unscrew/remove the 2 turning stubs, remove the 2 allen head set screws that hold the collar, remove the collar, pull the cartridge out, using an adjustable wrench, remove the threaded steel sleeve from the old cartridge, apply plumber's grease to all rubber seals and O-rings including under the perforated plastic end cover/sleeve on the new cartridge, thread/install the steel sleeve onto the new cartridge hand tight, install the prepped cartridge into the valve body, tighten the rear retaining screws, install the collar and set screws, install the turning stubs. Turn on the water. If hot is cold and cold is hot, the cartridge is in upside down. Turn off the water, remove the cartridge, turn it 180�, reinstall it and turn the water on. Adjust the time using the enclosed allen wrench, inserted into the small hole in the front of the valve button. See time adjustment instructions above.

Thanks! Heide Messing

Ron Koster

The SLHVE shower faucets just dont seem to be durable enough for frequent use, and had to replace o-rings and cartridges often, but since I put signs as to how to use the push button faucets it did seem to help. King Supply did A very good job at replacement and had my customer up and running again.. Thank you for the great service and will use King supply in the future!

Exposed Push Button Shower Valve Time And Temperature Adjustable

The Exposed Push Button Shower Valve is perfect for any commercial or residential facility. Made of solid brass this self-closing shower valve is sturdy and durable and is made to withstand repetitive use. With the ability to adjust time and temperature this valve is a great addition to any shower facility. This metering shower valve is also great for water conservation purposes.

General Information

  • Shower Valve Operation: Self-Closing Metering Valve
  • Construction Material: Solid Brass
  • Finish Type: High Gloss Chrome Plated Finish
  • Number of Handles: 1 functioning (2 decorative handles)
  • Installation Type: Exposed Pipes
  • Shower Valve Activation: Manual Push Button
  • ADA Compliance: Yes
  • Commercial and Residential Use

Shower Valve Dimensions and Connections

  • Connection: G 1/2"
  • Connection Type: MPT
  • Valve Body Length: 3.70"
  • Valve Body Height: 2.28"
  • Inlet: 0.50" (2)
  • Outlet: 0.50" (1)

    Shower Valve Features

    • Water Flow: 2.60 GPM at 43.5 PSI
    • Adjustable Open Time: Yes, 3-55 Seconds per Push
    • Adjustable Temperature by End User: Yes
    • 15 year warranty

    Shower Valve Includes

    • 1/2" Compression Fittings - Allow for Easy Retrofit
    • 2 1/4" Rosette Plate - Inside Hole Diameter: 7/8"
    • Built-in Pre-Mix Valve
    • Built-in Filter
    • Built-in Back flow Preventer
    • Metering shower valve cartridge

    Shower Valve Applications

    • Campgrounds
    • Gyms
    • Recreation Centers
    • Beach Showers

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    Ask a Question
    • Does this metering shower valve does not come equipped with a shut off valve?

      No, this metering shower valve does not come equipped with a shut off valve. In order to perform any maintenance on this self closing showering valve, you must turn the water off at the source.

    • How is the water flow adjusted?

      The flow is adjusted by a cup on the bottom of the cartridge. The cartridge is the push button mechanism. When the cartridge is removed from the valve body the white cup at the bottom of the cartridge can be turned to control the amount of water flowing through to the output pipe. Please see the link here for a better illustration. 

    • How is the open time adjusted on this shower valve?

      Every shower valve comes with a 1.25 mm allen wrench to adjust the self-closing time. There is a small adjustment screw in the small hole at the top of the push button cartridge. When the screw is turned counter-clockwise the shower valve will stay open longer. When the screw is turned clockwise this will shorten the open time. For further instructions and illustrations, please click here and here.

    • How long does this shower valve operate for?

      The shut off time for this metered shower valve is adjustable for an opening time from 3 to 55 seconds per push.

    • Is this shower valve equipped with an anti scald device?

      No. This shower valve has a maximum temperature of 180 degrees fahrenheit. In order to prevent scalding an antiscald device is recommended and can be found here.

    • Does this shower valve include a mixing valve?

      Yes. This metered shower valve has a built in premix valve. The user can adjust the temperature on this shower valve to their liking.

    • Do these have a warranty?

      Yes. These come standard with a 15 year warranty.

    • Are these valves made in America?

      These metered shower valves are made in Italy.

    • How do I secure the handles on this unit?

      We recommend using an extra strength thread locker such as Loctite to securely adhere the handles to the valves.

    • What is an MPT connection?

      An MPT connection is a male pipe thread connection, meaning it is a threaded pipe protruding from the valve itself, requiring a female connection such as a nut.

    • What is a G 1/2\" Connection

      The G 1/2" connection is a british pipe thread. The difference between the G 1/2" and the 1/2" NPT is so negligable that the two can be used interchangably. If concerned about getting a tight fit, we recommend using some Loctite to seal the two connections together or try using Pex Pipe connections. With that said, we have sold thousands of these units over the span of 20 years and have never received a complaint regarding the G 1/2" connection.

    • Is this valve CSA approved? SLSHVE-ADJ

      It's unfortunately not. CSA approved shower valves have been requested several times though so we've started working with a new European vendor that sells these valves. They are slightly more expensive. The new CSA approved shower valve can be found here: This is time adjustable but not temperature adjustable unfortunately.