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Replacement Cartridge for SLSHVC-ADJ and SLSHVE-ADJ


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Chris Gaegler
Shower cartridge

The shower valves on the original 10 purchased all went bath within a year because 1 specialize washer on the cartridge went bad. Hopefully these replacwment cartridges won’t have the same problem

Hi Chris - We have tried contacting you several times about this. but have not heard back. We stand by our products 100%. We are happy to troubleshoot or replace anything that isn't working properly. Please let us know what we can do to rectify this!

Replacement Cartridge | Adjustable Time and Temperature Concealed and Exposed Shower Valves 

General Information

  • Construction Material: Solid Brass Structure
  • Finish: High Gloss Chrome Plated Finish
  • Valve Cartridge Operation: Self-Closing Metering Push Button
  • Replacement Cartridge for SLSHVC-ADJ and SLSHVE-ADJ

Cartridge Features

  • Water Flow: 2.5 GPM at 43.5 PSI
  • Adjustable Open Time 3-55 Seconds with 1/6" Hex Key
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Adjustable Flow
  • 15 Year Warranty



Ask a Question
  • My cartridge is stuck sunk in and the water is continuously running, how do I fix this issue?

    Due to certain water purities, some valves may need to be cleaned more often than others. If you have a hard water source it is likely that some grit and sedement is getting lodge in the bottom of the shower valve cartridge causing it to become stuck in the open position. A short term solution to this would be to remove the shower valve cartridge and clean the white flow regulation cup attached to the bottom. Once removed you can clean that cup with warm soap and water. For a long term solution, it is recomended to place a filtration system somewhere in your water line to cleanse any sedemant and debris that may get caught in the valve. You can find more detailed instructions here.

  • How is the water flow adjusted?

    The flow is adjusted by a cup on the bottom of the cartridge. The cartridge is the push button mechanism. When the cartridge is removed from the valve body the white cup at the bottom of the cartridge can be turned to control the amount of water flowing through to the output pipe. Please see the link here for a better illustration.

  • How is the open time adjusted on this shower valve?

    Every shower valve cartridge comes with a 1.25 mm allen wrench to adjust the self-closing time. There is a small adjustment screw in the small hole at the top of the push button cartridge. When the screw is turned counter-clockwise the shower valve will stay open longer. When the screw is turned clockwise this will shorten the open time. For further instructions and illustrations, please click here and here.

  • How long does this shower valve cartridge operate for?

    The shut off time for this metered shower valve cartridge is adjustable for an opening time from 3 to 55 seconds per push.

  • Does this shower valve cartridge come with a warranty?

    Yes. These come standard with a 15 year warranty.

  • Are these shower valve cartridges made in America?

    These shower valve cartridges are made in Italy.